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What We Have To Offer

Let's face it. Accidents happen and cars don't stay looking perfect, but choosing Taylor's Mars is a great decision for automotive repairs. Skip the insurance hassles at expensive body shops and get a quote from us!

Our team is mobile and happy to work with dealers or individuals.

Paint Touchup

If you have some small paint chips or scratches too deep to buff out then touch-up is definitely the answer. We mix the our paint to your cars paint code to make it the closest match possible.

Painting/spot blending

If paint is chipping, your bumper's been scraped, or maybe some really deep scratches, well we can repair and paint it.

Paint Correction

Scratches on your car or maybe your paint's faded. Paint correction is the answer. Many scratches can be removed or improved and what's hazy can glow again!

Windshield Repair

If theres been a break or chip in your windshield, we might be able to repair that too! Our general rule is if it's smaller than a half dollar, we can usually fill the crack instead of you having to replace the whole windshield.


If you need your car, boat, or other vehicle to shine and fight off water spots and dirt, then we can wax it! We have different options that can last for a week or two, or at least six months.

Thermostain Removal

Stubborn stains left on a car's seat, carpet, or other fabric are no problem with our thermostain removal.

Interior Fabric or Vinyl Repair

Is there some wear, tear, burn, or scratch in your seat, steering wheel, or doors? Well they can often be repaired instead of having to replace the whole part.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Ever gotten too close to a curb? Well if your rims have been scraped or the paint is peeling, we can fix it!


There could be many different reasons but if you need your car, room, or building dissinfected, we can make that happen

Interior Dying

Do you have a worn seat or scraped siding? Well we can have those marks or spots looking good as new!

Water Spot Removal

No one likes to see stubborn water spots left on their car and I'm happy to say they can be taken care of too

Seat Covers

New seats can be expensive, but if you want a new look or your seat's a little too worn we can get custom fit seat covers that look and fit great!

Trim Illusions

Wanting a new look on your wheels, trim, handles, or grill? Well we're able to offer some amazing accent pieces that clip right on to your car.

Hard Plastic Repair

Pets, children, or just general usage can wear and leave scratches on your interior plastic. Believe it or not we can handle that too and make your interior look incredible again.

Ceramic Coating

If you want to add a little extra protection for your paint, ceramic coating is a great option!

Trim Restoration

Is your exterior plastic looking faded or stripey? Well we can make it shine like it's new again!


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